ORME offers training sessions for TrackImage and TrackReport products but also theoretic trainings in signal and image processing, composed of various modules each. These sessions can be organized on ORME's or on the customer's site. In the case of a training on the customer's site, the content can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. The number of attendees is limited to 8 per session.

Signal processing

  • Module 1: General points, digital signals, Fourier transform
  • Module 2: Digital filtering
  • Module 3: System response, frequency response, transfert function
  • Module 4: Time-frequency & Time-scale methods, Cepstre, ARMA Modelisation

Image processing

  • Module 1: General points, pre-processing, filters, image restoration
  • Module 2: Fourier transform and other image transforms
  • Module 3: Image segmentation, shape recognition, morphology