ORME in Toulouse Space Show
Monday, June 30, 2014

Toulouse Space ShowORME meets its partners and customers at the Toulouse Space Show event, from June 30 to July 2, Stand E11. ORME takes this opportunity to present some space applications in the Space Centre in French Guyana for Ariane, or other aeronautical applications like motion analysis using video with TrackImage and automatic test analysis with TrackReport.

Jérôme DIAS joins the R&D team of ORME
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jérôme joined the R & D team of ORME on Image Processing activities, particularly on the development of the TrackImage software application.

Jérôme has just completed his PhD in Image Processing on the theme of rebuilding depth maps, color or multispectral images of a scene. He is an expert in the acquisition chain of an imaging system, and computational image processing.

He now joins the TrackImage team, and his first mission is the study, the development and integration of innovative algorithms for the 3D camera calibration.

Welcome Jérôme!

ORME on JSAE show in Yokohama (Japan) with its partner TOYO Corporation
Monday, May 19, 2014

Logo JSAE ExpoORME will meet TOYO Corporation customers on JSAE Fair from May 21th to 23th. The JSAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) exposure is a major annual event in Japan, which holds a series of technical conferences and lounges more than 400 exhibitors. 70,000 visitors, automotive specialists, are expected on these three days.

ORME is very pleased to take this opportunity to meet TOYO Corporation customers on its booth, and present the latest versions of TrackImage and TrackReport, including new applications for the analysis of experiments in the world of electric engines.

Domenico joined the ORME team in Toulouse (France) for its commercial development
Monday, April 14, 2014

Domenico de Bartolomeis was previously based in Shanghai, already responsible of business development in China since 2 years for ORME software products TrackImage and TrackReport. Two years in China helped to establish partnerships with two distributors (iSourceInv for the aerospace market and TStech for the automotive market), and to follow ORME’s first customers in the Chinese market. Domenico returned to Europe to take its sales engineer position at ORME in Toulouse. Its new mission: to work in the commercial development of ORME products on the French and European market.

Welcome Domenico and all our best wishes!

LEROY SOMER (Emerson Group) choose TrackReport for analysis testing of electric motors
Friday, January 10, 2014

Logo Leroy SomerPlatforms factories LEROY SOMER are regularly testing electric motors, for validation purposes and performance characterization. The amount of daily tests justifies the automation of measurements and their processing, sharing and archiving results in a database, as well as automated generation of test reports .

To meet these needs, Leroy Somer has chosen to deploy TrackReport on various test rigs and design offices.

Immediately after each test, TrackReport reads and displays the measured physical quantities, such as voltages, currents, powers, torques, speeds, temperatures and resistance ... and automatically processes the data according to the algorithms of different standards. It allows the operator to validate the various load curves, before storing the measurements and the results in a database. This database of validated tests and processed data then becomes accessible to different actors in Leroy Somer, thanks to the database client module of TrackReport. This database module notably allows the implementation of advanced search functions, configured for rapid selection of relevant tests using various business criteria.

The templates for test reports, which implement different specific standards for electric motors (CEI60034 -2-1 , CSA 390 10 , IEEE STD 112), and display the results in a test report are made by ORME. These templates will be delivered to Leroy Somer teams during training days.

Engineers of Leroy-Somer liked the ease of implementation of automatic test reports in TrackReport, as well as the ability of ORME technical team to implement an effective organization of business data for performing databases. They were sensitive to both the time saving that the application brings in the production of test results and the quality of test reports.

The deployment of TrackReport and its database, as well as the user training will be provided during April and May 2014.