ORME wishes you a great 2015!
Monday, January 5, 2015

ORME Logo2014 was a year full of projects and innovations!

From the R&D side, we have had the pleasure to start a new project as a leader, as part of the European program CleanSky, with Thales Avionics and Atmosphere. It aims at building a data base of actual flight plan data and the development of a test platform for the future Flight Management System of Thales Avionics. This project, called FLIP (Flight Plans), is planned to be completed in 2015.

Two other collaborative European R&D projects, initiated in 2012, were completed: Moorinspect -a future robot, aimed at the automatic inspection of mooring chains in deep-water offshore facilities, and PlastronicsSpecs -development of an automated digital radiography system for the inspection of plastic electronics. Both projects were exciting, with a real technical success. To be continued!

Finally, we have continued our R&D efforts in the development of our contactless fall sensor, with the support of the Midi-Pyrenees Region and the Digital Place cluster. Several conferences and presentations have been exposed throughout the year, to our partners and our future clients, who are following this development with a strong interest. The prototype is now running in a pilot nursing home. To be continued too!

From the software development side, we also have some exciting applications: new developments with Airbus in acoustics in connection with our TrackReport tool, and a new 3D tracking application with cameras using TrackImage. Moreover, a new scope for TrackReport: the automatic analysis of electric motor testing data, for our new customer Leroy Somer (Emerson). We also focused on studies of new algorithms in image processing, in particular the multi-image registration for the visualization of flows for our customer EDF...

Finally, internationally, we are proud to have new prestigious customers in Japan, thanks to our partner Toyo Corp., in India, with our partner Megatech, as well as in the USA!

As for our products, TrackImage and TrackReport, developments are going on. New features, new tracking algorithms, including 3D motion tracking and objects deformation measurements for TrackImage. The version 3 of TrackImage, linked with our automatic report generation software TrackReport, meets a great success with our former and new customers.

These large projects and this growth was supported in 2014 by the arrival of new employees in our team: Domenico, in charge of business development, Florian, Cyril, Sibiri and Jerome in the technical team. Welcome to all!

In 2015 ... New R&D projects, new ideas for our products TrackImage and TrackReport, new studies… All ORME team wishes you a happy new year 2015! Let it be full of projects and innovations!

Silver Economy Expo: ORME presents the contactless fall sensor
Thursday, December 4, 2014

Silver Eco Expo ORME has developed a non-intrusive fall detection sensor for nursing homes and home care. This sensor is autonomous and independent of the person, working day and night, and respects the privacy since it does not use the images. It can also detect other alarming scenarios.

The detection of falls is a major concern in nursing homes or home care of the elderly. The problem is particularly sensitive at night because on one hand the risk of falling is higher, and on the other hand the time on the ground may be long. Moreover, the night staff in nursing homes is reduced, and, monitoring each room is uncomfortable for residents as it requires entering the room. Nursing homes are therefore looking for automatic and non-intrusive solutions to help them detect falls.

The system consists of 3 elements only: a sensor positioned at the top of the room, a mini computer and powerful computer program.

ORME will present this solution for the first time at the Silver Economy Expo, to be held on 4th and 5th December, Porte de Versailles in Paris. Join us on our booth #61 with the Cancer-Bio-Santé cluster!

Find also the interview with Luc Oriat on BFM Business about this contactless fall sensor: http://businessclubdefrance.com/2014/12/03/dossier-special-silver-economie-un-marche-en-pleine-forme-dans-le-prochain-business-club/.

ICS Show 2014: ORME presents its activities in Signal and Image Processing
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ICS Show ORME will exhibit its expertise activities in Signal and Images Processing on ICS Show 2014, Exhibition Centre in Toulouse on 16th, 17th and 18th of September. Several recent accomplishments by ORME with TrackImage and TrackReport software will be presented, such as the 3D-measurement of the deformation of the hood of a car for Renault, the monitoring of the take-off attitude of Ariane launcher in Guiana Space Center, the comfort analysis of a driver for the automotive, the automatic analysis of airbag deployments for Autoliv, and also the analysis of fluid dynamics for EDF, image analysis of the sun for CNRS, acoustic signal processing for Airbus ... and many other applications!

Join us on stand 3B11 with the Digital Place cluster on ICS Show, the international exhibition of innovation and competitiveness! Also follow up on the sidelines of the exhibition, B2B appointments, presentations of innovative companies and the International Committee of Digital Place.

Find out the interview with Luc Oriat on the activities of ORME on ICS TV studio Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbkp4UtwT_A.

Sibiri TIEMOUNOU joins the R&D team of ORME
Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sibiri just completed his PhD in acoustics, on the topic of the perceived voice quality from an analysis of the speech signal. He is an expert of data processing algorithm design, and software development. He joins the R & D team of ORME on Signal Processing activities, with a first challenge on applications of acoustic signal processing for our customer AIRBUS. Welcome Sibiri!

ORME presents its fall detection sensor for elderly at University of the E-Health in Castres
Wednesday, July 2, 2014

E-Health UniversityORME will present its innovative sensor for detecting people fall at the University of the E-Health in Castres from 2 to 4 July 2014, with Digital Place.

The detection of falls of persons is a current major concern in nursing homes or at home support for seniors. The problem is particularly acute at night, because on one hand the risk of falls is higher, and also the grounding time may be long. However, the night staff in nursing homes are few and in addition, the monitoring is intrusive for residents because it requires entering the room. Nursing homes are therefore looking for solutions to help detect falls, automatically and non-intrusively with the highest possible reliability.

The sensor that we propose is based on a depth sensor in the near infrared. Discreetly tucked into a living space, the system is independent, active both day and night, with no contact with the person. Innovative algorithms for motion detection and analysis of the attitude of the person in real time to detect scenarios that may require sending an alarm: fall, long time out of bed at night, late bedtime, late rising time…

Find also the interview with Marie-Laurence Meyer about this contactless fall sensor during the University of e-Health in Castres, with Digital Place cluster: http://www.tv-esante.com/digital_place.html.