IDT (UK) Ltd and ORME sign a contract for the distribution of TrackImage and TrackReport in the UK. IDT is a US-based company that designs, manufactures and supplies innovative high speed cameras and slow motion cameras (super slomo) for all applications.

Following requests from our Japanese clients and our distributor Toyo Corp., a new language is now available for TrackImage’s interface and documentation: Japanese.

Hyper Imaging becomes a TrackReport and TrackImage distributor in the US. Hyper Imaging is a US technical distribution and support company that distributes and supports IDT’s high speed cameras and lighting systems across all applications and market segments.


ORME presents the first release of a fall detection sensor for elderly people. Based on a depth sensor in the near infrared, discreetly tucked into a living space, the system is independent, active both day and night, with no contact with the person.


TrackImage: official release of the brand new version 3.0 of TrackImage. Result of a complete overhaul of the software, this new version has been redesigned for better ergonomics, dramatically improved performance, and with the most robust and accurate tracking algorithms.

TOYO Corporation and ORME sign a contract for the distribution of TrackImage and TrackReport in Japan.

Maruti Suzuki India (New Delhi, India) trusts TrackReport to analyze its automotive crash tests.


ORME rejoint le cluster Digital Place. Digital Place est le cluster d’entreprises numériques de la Région Midi-Pyrénées. Sa mission est d'aider les entreprises à se saisir de l'ensemble des leviers de croissance, et à franchir des caps en matière de chiffre d'affaires et d'accès à de nouveaux marchés.
Sa stratégie d'appui aux entreprises s’organise sur 4 axes : le développement commercial, le développement de l’innovation sous toutes ses formes, le développement international, l'accès au financement. Pour accompagner son développement à l’export en Chine, ORME établit un VIE à Shanghai, et signe avec un distributeur sur le secteur de l’aéronautique : iSourceInv, basé à Pékin. ORME vise également le marché de l’Inde, avec un poste de VIE basé à Bangalore, pour le suivi de ses prospects et clients pour TrackImage et TrackReport.


RENAULT trusts TrackImage to analyze crash-tests. Following the choice of TrackReport, some years ago, to analyze their crash-tests, the French car manufacturer RENAULT now chooses TrackImage to analyze high-speed videos from these kinds of tests.


ORME joins the Aerospace Valley and the Cancer Bio Santé Competitiveness clusters. Aerospace Valley is a world leading cluster, located in Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine regions (South-West of France), and focused on aeronautics, space and embedded systems. Cancer Bio Santé, located in Toulouse, France, is involved in the health and biotechnology area, in particular in the fight against cancer.

These memberships will help launch R & D projects to support innovation in ORME, and promote technical or commercial partnerships with other members of these clusters.


AUTOLIV Turkey and AUTOLIV Romania select TrackImage for their vehicle impact and airbag deployment test analysis.

2008 / 2009

AIRBUS selects TrackReport for its test analysis and acoustic simulation. On that occasion, TrackReport is enhanced with a new acoustic functions library, providing the base module with new functionalities, particularly new calculation functions and new graphic objects. To manage the database, ORME implements the ASAM-ODS standard, originally from the automotive industry, and integrates German company HighQSoft’s Athos server, as well as TrackReport’s ASAM-ODS client, into the AIRBUS architecture. ORME develops a new client-server communications module for ASAM-ODS, based on web services.


PSA Peugeot Citroën selects TrackReport software for its crash-test analysis, as well as for its crash-test dummy calibration. For this project, ORME develops the entire set of regulatory crash-test and calibration analyses, with ongoing monitoring for any changes in standards. Inside PSA’s crash-test dummy clinics, TrackReport software interfaces with German company Kayser-Threde’s Crash Designer software. On that occasion, ORME becomes a member of the ASAM-ODS consortium, who defines and promotes this test database standard.


The CNES Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana acquires new TrackImage and TrackReport licenses to monitor the Ariane launcher. Both software applications are used to monitor the launcher’s trajectory, as well as in analysing umbilical cable outputs milliseconds prior to launch.


RENAULT SA selects TrackReport to replace its own automotive safety test analysis and report generation application. The choice is finalised after a year of tests and collaboration between trade teams, the RENAULT computer department and ORME’s development team. The application rollout into RENAULT centres in Guyancourt and Lardy, into its SAMSUNG and DACIA subsidiaries, as well as into the CEESAR and the LAB takes place throughout 2005, following internal RENAULT development around TrackReport, performed in collaboration with ORME.